Full Stack Developer

About Structura Biotechnology

Structura Biotechnology is a Toronto-based scientific software company. We build CryoSPARC, the industry-leading software platform for analyzing and processing cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) data. Cryo-EM is a recent Nobel Prize-winning technology that sheds light into previously uncharted areas of biology. Using our products, scientists at pharmaceutical companies, biotechs and academic research labs are making breakthroughs in life science and drug discovery projects that were previously impossible. Just a few examples of the hundreds of new discoveries made using our products: 3D structure of the insulin receptor, critical in understanding diabetes; first-ever 3D structure of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in 2020, which was subsequently used for COVID vaccine development efforts; first structures of LRRK2 with possible drug candidates attached, a protein heavily implicated in Parkinson's disease.

CryoSPARC is a cutting edge HPC application that analyzes terabytes of data per day for each user, tracking millions of individual protein molecules per dataset, and supports interactivity, real-time processing and 3D visualization. CryoSPARC Live, our real-time processing software engine, can process data faster than microscopes can acquire images and has become a key enabler for scientists by reducing the time it takes to solve a 3D cryo-EM structure. We recently announced a partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific to deliver a version of CryoSPARC Live with their cryo-EM microscopes.

Our company is growing through strong sales and global adoption of our products. Our team includes world-class engineers, computational researchers, and cryo-EM scientists. We have established ourselves at the forefront of cryo-EM technology and are well known in the field. What’s next for us? We want to keep leveraging our expertise and leadership in cryo-EM and scientific software development to meet the newest frontiers in cryo-EM, such as enhanced 3D visualization, real-time optimization of data collection, automation and workflows specific to drug discovery, and to continue designing excellent algorithms and software that scientists truly enjoy using. Scaling our software platform to support the next frontiers is a major area of focus within the team.

We are looking for a Full Stack Developer to join our team to help advance these goals. You are someone who wants to get close to the problem, understand the workflows cryo-EM users want to achieve, and creatively design and build UI features to power those workflows. You are excited to work on a leading scientific software product with growing product scope and room to take initiative and lead projects.

We are a small, energetic and highly focused team that is dedicated to helping make cryo-EM a ubiquitous and accessible technology that can power new advances in biology and medicine. We take pride in our work and our strong team culture of respect, continuous learning and tenacity. If you are looking for a mission-driven, high-impact role alongside an excellent team, you will fit right in.

What you will do
  • Understand the product and the customer's needs in detail
  • Design, implement and deploy new user-facing features and functionality in the CryoSPARC application UI
  • Translate functional requirements into maintainable, well-tested, and performant code
  • Work through architecture, implementation, testing and deployment of new features
  • Work with our software engineering and computational methods teams to integrate HPC code and algorithms for image processing
  • Work closely with our Chief Product Officer, software engineers and computational methods developers to build new software products that facilitate and make possible brand new use cases in cryo-EM research
  • Participate in architectural design sessions and product roadmap discussions
  • Support internal development and testing processes
  • Interact with users and clients to learn more about their workflows and feedback
  • Provide guidance and support to our customer success team and customers when required
What’s in it for you
  • Work on a leading scientific software product, CryoSPARC, which has gained global adoption in the past few years in large part due to its front end, user experience, and scientific workflow design
  • Opportunity to drive the development of CryoSPARC and related applications using cutting edge technologies
  • Growing product scope with room to take initiative and lead projects, including working with top partners in tech
  • Friendly, tight-knit team
  • Flexible/work from home opportunities
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar
  • Minimum 2+ years of full-time experience collaborating with others to build software in a full-stack role
  • Ability to develop a deep understanding of the problem space and build solutions with the user in mind
  • Excellent attention to detail and appreciation for well-designed, performant interfaces
  • Fluent in web fundamentals and comfortable working with Typescript and modern tooling such as Vite
  • Experience with Svelte or compositional and reactive front-end frameworks
  • Experience building backend systems with real-time capabilities (APIs over WebSockets)
Job Details
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Hybrid Work: We currently operate 2 fixed days in person and 3 days remotely
  • Benefits: Competitive health, dental and paramedical benefits
  • Travel: Occasional travel to client sites and workshops/conferences
To Apply

Please email careers@structura.bio with the subject line “Full Stack Developer” and provide us with your CV and a few paragraphs explaining why you would be the right fit for this position. You must be legally able to work in Canada