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Structura builds software that enables fast, accurate and automated cryo-EM for drug discovery and research. We work closely with pharmaceutical companies and research labs globally.

Get the most out of your cryo-EM data with the cryoSPARC System™

The cryoSPARC System™ enables high-throughput structure discovery of proteins and molecular complexes from cryo-EM data. Use the cryoSPARC System™ to unlock the potential of your cryo-EM data through the power of machine learning, and without any guesswork.

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Solve structures without any guesswork

Discover unexpected structures and conformational states directly from the data. The patent-pending algorithms underlying cryoSPARC™ enable rapid heterogeneous reconstructions without the need for prior structural knowledge.

Near-atomic resolution results

Obtain the highest resolution results in minutes using cryoSPARC™’s patent-pending refinement algorithms.

Special tools for high-value targets

Use cryoSPARC™’s specially designed algorithms to discover the structure of membrane proteins, ion channels, GPCRs, and targets with ligands bound.

What is cyro-EM?

Electron cryo-microscopy (also known as cryo-electron microscopy, or cryo-EM), is a powerful method for determining the 3D structure of biological molecules, including proteins, protein-drug complexes and viruses. In cryo-EM, a liquid sample is imaged in an electron microscope under cryogenic conditions. The resulting 2D projections of the sample are processed using complex 3D reconstruction algorithms to obtain a near-atomic resolution 3D map of the structure.

In 2017, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to three scientists who pioneered this technique for determining high-resolution structures of biomolecules.

What is the cryoSPARC System™?

The cryoSPARC System™ is a commercial software product that processes cryo-EM data to provide high-resolution 3D structures. The patent-pending algorithms underlying cryoSPARC™ enable reconstructions of research and drug targets within minutes of collecting microscope data, and without the need for prior knowledge or guesswork. Learn more

Our Team

Ali Punjani
Co-Founder & CEO
Marcus Brubaker, PhD
Co-Founder & CTO
Saara Punjani
Chief Operations Officer
Suhail Dawood
Chief Product Officer
John Rubinstein, PhD
Expert Advisor, Cryo-EM
David Fleet, PhD
Expert Advisor, ML and Computer Vision
Haowei Zhang
Scientific Developer
Ali Haydaroglu
Scientific Developer
Geoffrey Woollard
Associate Scientist


Structura Biotechnology Inc. is a Toronto-based startup affiliated with the University of Toronto.

We build computer vision and machine learning algorithms and software solutions to enhance the success of structural biology research and drug discovery projects. Our core technology enables research scientists and pharmaceutical companies to discover and understand the detailed three-dimensional structure of important protein molecules, complexes, and drug targets.

We are looking for talented individuals to join our growing team. Structura is the right fit for you if you are excited about solving complex problems, innovating into uncharted territory, and becoming an integral part of a team of motivated peers working to create something useful and meaningful.

Send us an email at to let us know what you can bring to the team.


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