Software Engineer

at Structura Biotechnology Inc.

Full Time — Toronto, Canada

Structura Biotechnology is a Toronto-based startup with origins at UofT’s Department of Computer Science. Our team builds high throughput automated scientific software, CryoSPARC, for cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) image analysis, a Nobel-Prize winning technology that is being used to study biological systems in unprecedented detail. Our products power major life science discoveries and drug discovery projects that create new medicines. We count the largest pharmaceutical companies and hundreds of top academic institutions globally as our users. The first 3D structure of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein was solved using our software at the start of the COVID pandemic, providing crucial information to guide therapeutic antibody and vaccine development.

If you are looking for a mission driven, high-impact role alongside a stellar team, Structura Biotechnology is it. We take pride in our work and are committed to continually improving our products and our processes. All members of our team are treated with respect and given ownership of their work. We are aiming to make cryo-EM a ubiquitous technology that is usable and accessible by all scientists to power the future of breakthrough developments in biology.

Join our team as a Software Engineer, helping to build on the powerful tools that scientists and pharma in 40+ countries rely on to advance their research and publish new discoveries. You will directly influence product design as we work hard to support this growing area of structural biology.

What you will do
  • Work closely with our software engineers, scientific computing engineers, full-stack developers and algorithm developers to build and deploy new features, functionality and software products that facilitate evolving cryo-EM research workflows
  • Participate in architectural design sessions and product roadmap discussions
  • Support internal development and testing processes
  • Provide support to our customers when required
What’s in it for you
  • Rewarding work on a leading scientific software product, CryoSPARC, relied on by thousands of scientists globally
  • Drive the development of CryoSPARC and related applications using cutting edge technologies
  • Take initiative and lead projects, including working with top partners in tech
  • Lots of learning opportunities with HPC systems, scientific software workflows, and software engineering practices
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or similar
  • 2+ years of full-time work experience as a software engineer
  • Extensive experience writing software using Python, including knowledge of Python frameworks/libraries like Flask, Numpy/Scipy/Scikit, Pandas
  • Working knowledge of numerical data handling and operations using numpy
  • Solid experience with the Linux command-line environment
  • Strong understanding of version control and code management with Git
  • Experience developing RESTful APIs and Microservices
  • Experience working with relational (PostgreSQL) and non-relational (MongoDB, DynamoDB) databases
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, with team members and external users/customers, especially regarding technical issues
Other Skills
  • Experience in HPC environments (GPUs, clusters, resource management, job scheduling)
  • Experience writing software based on cloud technologies such as AWS ECS, AWS SQS, AWS Batch or equivalent
  • Experience with deployment containers (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Experience with software security considerations and best practices
  • Experience with numerical computing (using C/CUDA/Numpy/etc.) is a big plus
  • Knowledge of parallel programming (CUDA C/C++) is a big plus
  • Experience with optimization algorithms, computer vision, and machine learning software tools is a plus
Our Tech Stack
  • Compute: Python, C/C++, CUDA, PyTorch
  • Front-end: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript ES6, TypeScript, React, Svelte
  • Back-end: Python (Flask), Node.js (Express and derivatives), HTTP and Websocket-based APIs
  • Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
  • Cloud: AWS Lambda, EC2

Structura Biotechnology is located in downtown Toronto, steps away from Queen’s Park subway, the MaRS Discovery District, University Health Network and University of Toronto, with close ties to UofT and the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Become part of our friendly, multidisciplinary team working towards the goal of creating the best software tools for cryo-EM. Flexible working opportunities are available.

To Apply

Please email with the subject line “Software Engineer”, and provide us with your resume and a paragraph or two explaining why you would like to join our team. You must be legally able to work in Canada.