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Scientific Computing Software/Research Engineer at Structura Bio

Structura Bio builds world-class scientific software that is powering a revolution in structural biology, through the Nobel-Prize winning technology of cryo-EM (cryo-electron microscopy). Join our team to build advanced computational 3D image analysis tools that are used daily by thousands of scientists and pharmaceutical companies in 40+ countries to advance their research and publish new discoveries.

Structura was recently featured in the press, as our software cryoSPARC™ was used to solve the first 3D protein structure of the 2019-nCoV spike protein that is responsible for human COVID-19 infection. The study was completed in only 12 days and published in Science, forming a basis for new vaccine development. Learn more

Working at Structura presents the rare opportunity to apply your mathematical and computational expertise to a problem space of immediate and global impact in drug discovery and in answering fundamental scientific questions about the molecular mechanisms underlying life. Our software is used to illuminate the 3D structures of proteins involved in a vast array of biological processes including cancer, neurological disorders, infectious disease, metabolism, gene transcription, and more.

Structura counts several multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, and CROs as customers, is well funded and is growing, with a number of open positions.

We are looking for a Scientific Computing Software/Research Engineer to join our team in Toronto. This role is perfectly suited for a talented, tenacious individual who:

  • wants to see their code shipped to thousands of sophisticated users who will use and appreciate it daily
  • is motivated by the positive impact of their work on medicine
  • wants to work on cutting edge technology development in computer vision, image analysis, and high performance numerical computing

In this role, you will be creating and optimizing high performance implementations of cryo-EM microscope image analysis algorithms to expand the capabilities of our software products, and helping develop new algorithms to push the envelope of resolution and biologically relevant insight that can be extracted from cryo-EM image data. These algorithms are implemented using custom low-level GPU (CUDA) code and revolve around 2D/3D image analysis and reconstruction, large scale statistical inference, optimization, and machine learning. You will integrate into our tight-knit, high calibre, globally recognized team and will have the opportunity to work alongside and learn from our core members and scientific advisors who are leaders in the scientific cryo-EM computational methods development effort. You will design and conduct extensive experiments on real cryo-EM data to validate new algorithms or implementations. You will help contribute to major publications authored by our team and support external projects through communication and collaboration with academic and industry partners.


  • A degree in Computer Science, Math, Engineering or any relevant field
  • Strong experience with 2D or 3D signal processing/image processing and numerical computing, ideally in C/C++ and Python
  • Strong computational and mathematical fundamentals, covering linear algebra, optimization algorithms, geometry, statistics, and solid understanding of concepts like Fourier Transforms and interpolation
  • Ability to write clear, maintainable, reusable code
  • Experience developing in Unix-based environments, using command line interfaces, scripting languages, git

Nice to have

  • Computer vision, medical image processing, microscopy experience
  • Experience with parallel programming, especially for GPU (using CUDA)
  • Experience with high performance computing (cluster systems, I/O, etc)
  • (Asset) Knowledge of computational biology/chemistry or structural biology
  • (Asset) Knowledge of advanced optimization methods and modern machine learning

Tech Stack

  • Python, C/C++, CUDA, numpy, cython, scipy, scikit-learn, scikit-image, TensorFlow, PyTorch

Structura is an exciting and fulfilling place to work. We provide competitive compensation, flexible/remote working opportunities, and strong scope for skills enhancement and career growth.

To Apply

Please email with the subject line “Scientific Computing Software/Research Engineer”, and provide us with your resume and a paragraph or two explaining why you would like to join our team. You must be eligible to work in Canada.